aliens melt everyone at night and nobody notices?

hi website,

i saw a movie probably 10 years ago on youtube, actually more of an animated short than a movie. there’s no dialogue, it’s just narrated by a man’s voice (in English). i’m pretty sure it’s in colour, but sort of old fashioned 2d animation like early Disney movies. i think in the desert, a little town at night basically gets melted by some like evil that passes over i think the implication is aliens… there’s kind of a children’s movie quality to it with like repeated lines? kinda: “nobody saw it come, because they were asleep, but they weren’t safe… the cats saw it and hid in the alley but they weren’t safe… the owls saw it and stayed in their trees but they weren’t safe…” and i think it’s like 7 minutes long and it just ends after every alive thing is melted or vaporized or something.

does this ring a bell for anyone?

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