Aliens land and people try to infiltrate the ship through the airducts.

Serious sci fi, probably from 70-80s. Aliens land, there is a huge ship on the ground. Humans try to infiltrate the ship, they are crawling through the alien airducts, the aliens have human like appearance and might be bald or not, finally the aliens notice that humans are in the airducts and attack them/kill them. The aliens might have long tongues, but im not sure, its hazy. I posted this on this site but i didn’t get an answer. It’s driving me nuts for the last 20 years. It might have been a movie or a series, but it was scary and dark, also literally dark.

7 thoughts on “Aliens land and people try to infiltrate the ship through the airducts.

  1. “Earth: Final Conflict” (1997-2002 TV series)?

    I did answer this before, but it was a late answer and it got moved off the main board. This series was on later than what you remember but it had bald aliens landing on Earth.

    1. I got reply because we both answered and there’s still no reply on whether it’s the right one. I hope we get to find out the answer, my series is so close and I don’t know your series. I just wanna know. Lol

      1. I would like to know as well, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Most people don’t respond or even know how to find their old posts. What’s funny is that even when you post easy to use links or trailers, they say they will let you know but never respond.

      2. Sorry, I should be more positive. I hope they do come back and let us know, but if they don’t it’s ok. I love this site and have found a few of my movie mysteries and have learned about many obscurities that I would love to see. Thank you for your help and for responding Roxanne.

        1. Yep, my imdb watchlist had less than 700 items last October. As of right now it has just over 1200. And that’s with checking, on average, 1-2 off per day.

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