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Aliens land and people try to infiltrate the ship through the airducts.

Serious sci fi, probably from 70-80s. Aliens land, there is a huge ship on the ground. Humans try to infiltrate the ship, they are crawling through the alien airducts, the aliens have human like appearance and might be bald or not, finally the aliens notice that humans are in the airducts and attack them/kill them. The aliens might have long tongues, but im not sure, its hazy. I posted this on this site but i didn’t get an answer. It’s driving me nuts for the last 20 years. It might have been a movie or a series, but it was scary and dark, also literally dark.

Black and White sci-fi with a robot guy whole swallowing whole buns.

I’ve seen this as a kid and it massacred me, it was a black and white sci-fi movie about some guy who was actually a robot and was swallowing whole buns in a basement or somewhere underground? It might have been a czech movie, or eastern european movie. Definitely an android or human like robot swallowing whole sandwich buns. Movie was probably from 60-70s, horrific scene. Does anybody know?

1980/1990 alien movie

I don’t remember much because i was a kid, but i saw something terrifying, the alien ship landed(probably in or near a city), and people were crawling in the vents to check out the alien ship, the vent collapsed, or the aliens noticed through the cracks, and attacked them. The aliens might’ve had long tongues, and bald heads. It was a movie or maybe a series from 1985-95, very dark and atmospheric. Can anyone help???