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It would be great if someone could help me with this. Someone else was watching this movie when I was a kid, I only got to see a small part. They never watched new movies alot, so maybe it was new or old. It was anywhere from 12-10 years ago. Not sure about it. I am sure about the movie though. These are the movies I know it’s not: They live. Men in Black.

The movie is about a couple with a young kid, who take a nap on the side of the road in the dessert. Suddenly an alien searches their car when they are sleeping. The alien or aliens- accidentally films himself on their camera, but doesn’t know it and leaves. The parents keep the tape, afraid. The aliens figure it out, and start chasing them. So the people run. The aliens can conceal themselves by wearing sunglasses. When the sun glasses are taken off, either just their alien eyes show, or their entire body. So the sunglasses makes them look like FBI agents. I remember a scene where the couple try to go to the police, and a group of FBI agents show up outside the station. The couple ask a cop to not let the FBI agents pass, and demand they take their sunglasses off. The police officer reluctantly asks them to take the sun glasses off. The FBI agents won’t, but after the cop and couple insist, they do. They were just regular FBI agents. That is the last scene I remember, and I’ve been trying to figure out what it was called, for years. It was not black and white. They spoke English – no sub-titles, and it was not an animation movie.

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