Alien Head that controlled ship

I saw this movie on TV (it could have been a TV show) probably around 1978, after school one day.  It was in black and white, and basically it had a head that either communicated or controlled a spaceship only by looking from side to side with its eyes.  The actor’s body was hidden so that only the head showed, and it seems like there was a lot of makeup on their face.  The head might have been under glass, and there may have been a man talking to it.  This was really schlocky sci fi stuff.  I remember laughing about it with a friend back then.  I know it’s a long shot, but I’ve put keywords into Google every way I can and cannot find an image.

4 thoughts on “Alien Head that controlled ship

  1. It’s not b&w and may be too obvious, but I would swear from that description you’re talking about Zardoz.

  2. Way to go, Mr. Unknown!!! It was definitely Invaders from Mars. Maybe I saw it on a black and white TV back then. Thanks to you both!

  3. Good job Mr. Unknown! Hope you will register for an account so I can keep track of your Solves. I believe you have two or three correct already.

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