Acid Spitting Lizards Take Over Town

I remember seeing this movie really late one night when I was a young kid, back around 2004, but the movie seemed like it was already older, so probably produced in the 80s. I saw it on TV, I think in color, definitely English. I don’t remember much about the plot other than these large lizards (they looked kind of like Komodo Dragons) that spit acid were terrorizing a small town. Two main characters were a male and female, presumably in a relationship. I remember that the movie ended with them lying together, defeated, in the middle of a grocery store on fire.

2 thoughts on “Acid Spitting Lizards Take Over Town

  1. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that’s not it. I’m pretty sure the whole movie either took place in the summer or somewhere pretty warm. And it was definitely set in a small town.

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