Fat Man on an Escalator

In the 4th grade (US), c. 1974, we were all ushered into the library by young women with clipboards who had us watch a short film (10-15 minutes) consisting of a fat sweaty man trying to carry a vacuum cleaner and various accessories up stairs or an escalator, and consistently falling down or dropping parts and having to start over again. The women then asked us certain questions about how we felt about the film afterwards. I’m sure this was some educational film that was never widely distributed, but I need to see it again, just to prove to myself that it happened. Hopefully this rings a bell with someone.

5 thoughts on “Fat Man on an Escalator

    1. Holy b*lls, you are the wind beneath my wings. That has to be it. I didn’t even mention the weird (for it’s time) score and there it is. Probably impossible to find on video outside of these types of festivals, but at least I know it’s out there. Thanks again.

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