Acid Rain from transport?

I can’t recall if this is a movie or television show but from what I remember, it was horrifying as a kid. I only have vague memories but REALLY want to know what I was watching back in the 90s!


I remember there was a teen boy and girl, who for some reason had to or were transporting barrels of corrosive/ nuclear waste/ acid? I think it was yellow, whatever it was. They climbed a mountain or incline, from a village or small town. Something happened and the barrels exploded / their contents ended up raining down on the village – and when townspeople or relatives went to investigate, they found the bodies of the teens with their eyes melted out.

1 thought on “Acid Rain from transport?

  1. My best guess would be The Return of the Living Dead. It does feature teens, barrels of waste and acidic rainfall. Although the whole thing about zombies does not seem to match the bill.

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