about reincarnation or everlasting love?

I had seen this ‘movie’ on TV when i was about 10 or 11 – around the 80s.  It had been bugging me for years as i want to see it again and get the whole story  (i barely remember the whole story).


All i remember is that it mustve been a love story.  And a scene where they tried hypnotizing themselves and they were transported to a different place (but still Earth. Only its like a meadow or forest) and they were turned into these white wolf-like animals.  Then theres the scene where the girl mustve been killed and the scene where the guy was seen in a room staring intently on a book with a picture of a door (the same picture they both stared at before) Obviously he hypnotized himself to get away from them.  The next scene was showing two white wolves together in a meadow.


Please help. It is too painful to not remember.  Thank you.




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