Skinemax foreign movie from 70s-80s

I remember a movie growing up (39 now) with an older redhead, maybe in her 30’s. She played this young boy’s (maybe 12-13) stepmother or someone in the house.  The boy drops a fork under the table at dinner with her and his father.  He goes under the table and looks up and even tries to fondle her up her dress before she finally yells at him. In a later scene she is in a bath and invites him in as he spies allowing him to wash her.  And in last remembered scene, she tucks him into bed and goes to kiss him on the cheek, when he turns his head and locks lips with her.  I have tried for years to remember the title.  It was Italian or French more than likely.  I have tried everything to find the name of this film with little success.

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