About a healer

I saw this film 2-3 weeks ago on tv or sky. I didnt catch the beginning of the film and dont know the actors or title. The film is about a young man that can heal using touch. He was running with a friend , his friend went down with a knee problem and he put his hands over him and healed his knee. He helped a lady that had a muscle wasting illness and she started to get better. They had him in a lab to test him and found he was genuine. He tried to help his dad when he had a stroke, he put his hands on him and ended up in a tunnel his dad was at the end near the bright white light. He called to his dad and told him to come back, but his dad couldnt and hence he died. At the end of the film  he brought a 10 year old girl out of a 3 month coma. Her father was a top doctor in the hospital and he wouldnt let the healer near his daughter for a long while, but when it became time to switch her life support off, he decided to let the healer try. It worked he reached her and brought her back , but in doing so his heart stopped. The doctor restarted his heart and he was ok. I would love to see this film all the way through can anyone help please

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