Abducted children fairytale

All I can remember is this scene but I think about it often and wonder what movie it’s from.
It had a very fairytale feel but I can’t remember 100% if it was a fairytale.
The main character is in a bed pregnant. Each time she gives birth shortly after her children are taken away. I remember the children being taken away at night. I also remember a white curtain blowing in as the children disappeared. Once I think the baby was in a bassinet, but as more of her children are born she holds them and they’re still taken away. I believe her mother in law or a witch (or both) takes the children. I think there was also a subsequent scene of her children older and playing but she can’t interact with them. It felt like the heroine was in a castle or a princess but I can’t 100% remember if that’s the case. This has been driving me crazy for years!

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