A young woman is being trailed by an old stalker

I have seen this english movie on TV sometime in the early 2000, and it is about a young woman who deals with an insistent stalker dressed in black, and with a black cap on his head.

At some point she seeks refuge in a clothing shop (which is where I began watching), where she meets a young man and they both go to her place and end up having sex. Later she wakes up before him and finds out that the stalker entered the place and she begins to fight him, and ends up hitting him repeatedly in the head with a gold club. Eventually she finds out she actually hit and killed the young man. She rolls him in a carpet and leaves him there, disgusted.

The film then cuts to a friend of hers (a black woman), who comes to check on her because she was missing for a few days. When the friend enters the apartment it stinks of rotting flesh, and the young woman sits delirious in her bath tub. The friend runs out to call the police, and the young woman is left alone while the stalker comes back, drags her to the balcony, then strangles and hangs her.

The scene alternatively cuts to her black friend who is in the street, watching how she does all that violence against herself, and there is no stalker to be seen.

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