Movie about romance in XIXth-XXth century China

I’m looking for a movie set 1 or 2 centuries ago.

This movie was shown ~20 years ago but it may be older. It wasn’t in shades of grey.

I think it was a romance between a Chinese woman and a European man. All I can remember is that the plot took place in China and at the end of the story the woman gets executed by beheading. The actual beheading isn’t shown but is suggested by the fact that the feather she had between her hands is cut off.

3 thoughts on “Movie about romance in XIXth-XXth century China

  1. Sounds like a scene from the Anna and the king. Except it wasn’t Anna, it was like one of the kings concubines or something who was in love with this other dude.

    1. In my memory the woman executed still had her hair and it was more romantic than that but I’ll consider it as solved.

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