A very beautiful and sad film made in early 2000s (before 2007)

Hi, I am looking for this movie which I forgot the title. Here is what I can recall:

It is a quite artistic and moody film, not one from a large name or famous filmmaker. Unrelated to Hollywood. If memory serves, it was most likely made in Australia (but I might be wrong).

It is about a boy who had a girl buddy that was crippled in her legs and needed crutches to walk. The two friends went for a walk in the wildness one evening, got in a river, and started gazing up at the sky. The boy was preoccupied with admiring the night sky and failed to notice that the girl was being carried away by the current. He attempted in vain to find his friend after realizing that the water had dragged her away, but to no avail.

Years later, as the boy got older, he carried his guilt with him, being sensitive at seeing news about missing people’s remains being found on the newspapers, and wandered through nature, boat-riding on the river, discovering a tomb with the bones of some dead animal (probably an eagle?) in it, that served as a constant reminder of how fleeting and unpredictable life is.  Very slow and melancholic film.

The language is English. Colored film. I watched on a DVD at my friend’s home some day between 2000-2007. Very impressive and deeply touching film, I would like to find it out and watch again.

I would be really grateful if you can help me to find the title of this movie.


Federico C.

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