A war movie with snowy opening

I saw this movie around a year ago and I can’t remember the name. The opening scene has a boy and his grandfather (maybe father?) in the snow hunting. If I remember correctly, the grandfather has the boy put snow in his mouth to disguise his breath. They are using their horses as bait for a wolf, the boy chickens out and doesn’t shoot so the wolf attacks the horses.

The other part I remember is when the boy( who is now a grown man) is in a gun fight with the villian. There is broken glass which makes it possible for the villain to see him. However, the boy uses this to his advantage.

That’s all I can really remember but if it’s any help this is also what I know

-It is in color

-I think it was made in the late 90s/early 2000s but I could be wrong

-The main character does have a love interest and she helps him in the broken glass scene.

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