A romance-like movie set in the woods


I am usually good at finding movies, but this one is a tough cookie. I was flying on a plane and the person one row ahead was watching the movie, thus I could not hear anything, plus that it caught my eye mid-way through and he stopped it before I could see the ending. This is why I have been trying to find it, so far without success.

So, the movie seems to be relatively new I suppose broadly 2007-2018 as release year timeframe, something like this. The part that I saw is the following:

A man and a women live in a cottage in a forest. He is tall with beard and wears a lot of fur, he seemed to be a hunter. She is thin with not very long brownish going to blondish hair. They seemed to be married or at least they live together in this cottage. The weather is cold and there is snow in the mountain. At some point there was a sex scene, to which she seemed to not concede (probably she is married against her will, idk?). And after this there are multiple scenes of their everyday life in the mountain house – he goes out hunting, she washes the clothes/fur, cleans, etc. But you can see she is growing frustrated, they sleep next to each other but don’t talk at all.

At some point she decided to escape and left the cabin while he was out hunting. However, while running she got caught in a trap for bears and she could not get her foot out of it. He returned to the cottage and saw she was missing. At first he didn’t go search for her, but then he got out and started searching. He found her half frozen on the ground and brought her back to the house, warmed her up and wrapped her in the fur.

This is where the person stopped the movie.

If this sounds familiar to someone please, please help me out because this has been bugging me for the past week or so.

Thank you in advance!



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