A movie i watched when i was a kid

I am 21 years old right now, and i remember watching this scary movie when i was very little, not sure at which age. It should be early 2000’s i think, but not even sure if the movie were made just then or it is even older.

The movie was a scary one, (to me at that time at least) i remember in the movie some people would just start burning randomly, they scream and run, but in reality, they are not burning at all. They see it, they feel it, they actually DIE from it, but it’s actually not the reality. People who investigate these deaths can’t realize what’s causing this, and that’s the main story of the movie.

I don’t remember much, but i remember certain scenes, where a girl just randomly takes a shower, and then starts burning and ends up dead naked on the floor with no sign of any flames. I remember main character sleeping next to his friend, then waking up with his friend dead and his friend cut his own tongue and put it in his own hand, making a pose as to give his tongue to our main character. Which is some sort of a message from the one responsible for these deaths to our main character. I remember our main character seeing his own arm burn near the end when he confronts whoever/whatever is responsible, and he knows it’s all in his head so he tries his best to avoid it, yet he seems like he really feels the burn.

These are all i can remember, if someone could help me find this movie it would be so appreciated, since these scenes are all that i can remember as a kid, watching this movie today would really shake my memory and maybe even make me remember even more stuff from back then. I know i had pretty irresponsible parents letting a kid watch this sort of scary movie 🙁

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