A movie I don’t know the name of

Well I vaguely recall bits of the film but I cannot for the life of me get the full film in my head and I don’t know the title

I remember my mum had it recorded on video from t.v and would have been around the 90s

What I remember from it is this woman has this metal spike on her finger and she rips this person’s spine out and she has a dog also who she feeds the body parts too if I remember correctly as well the woman is wearing a red blazer type jacket and I think the dogs name was max but she went around getting body parts and feeding to her dog


My mum made me believe the film was called dark angel and to this day I cannot find the film any kind of help and lead would be ideal if anyone can find or know anything thanks

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  1. The woman in the movie is actually a demon on Earth, she has a hell hound that she feeds parts to, but the dog is called Hellraiser and her human love interest is named Max. She does have fingernails which turn into black claws and she does rip a guys spine out. Here is a trailer:

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