A movie about Marital Scandal

I first saw this movie on Netflix although the title is no longer available. The two lead actors were African American & the film was from the mid-2000s. It was definitely English & not a foreign movie. From what I remember, it was about a married couple looking to spice things up in bed as their marriage has seemingly declined over the years. Foreplay, kinks, nothing seemed to interest the wife anymore, until one day based on some very bad advice attained from a relative, I think it was her sister who had suggested that his wife “desires” to be dominanted or forced into submission by him. The husband took it too far and actually raped his wife in an attempt to make “things more exciting.” Dressed in all black & wearing a ski masked, he broke into their home and had his way. In the middle of the altercation his mask was yanked off & the wife filed a police report in attempt to put her spouse in jail. A lawyer was hired but underneath it all, the situation turned out to be some sort of con in order to obtain the husband’s recently acquired fortune of what might be 5 million dollars. The wife and her sister were actually working together to deceive the husband so that she would have an excuse to imprison him and take his money. The end was a blur I think the wife got shot and maybe her sister, I’m not quite sure. But eventually the husband was acquitted in the end & kept his business.

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