A movie about dreams that people have had

Ok so, I watched this movies around summer 2016 on Netflix ( no it’s not on there anymore as far as I know )  it starts off with a man wearing glasses living in a forest in a cabin with his mom and constantly over a loud intercom is a man saying  “ one sheep two sheep three sheep” and so on  and for some reason this hurts the people who live in the cabins ears and they have to wear earphones  and then some stuff that I can’t remember that well  happens and the man with the glasses records his mom singing this song onto a DVD and then after that he goes looking for the guy who is playing the one sheep to sheep over the intercom and they get into a fight, glasses man shoots him and he wins and then he plays the DVD of his mom singing over the intercom and that all I can remember from the movie besides some other vague details. I think the movie was an indie film, it’s in English, and the scene I just described was in black and white but the rest of the movie was not.

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