A movie about a woman who can’t walk

Hello Guys,

How are you? pardon my English.  My name is Tamar and im looking for a weird movie scene that I have witnessd in my early childhood. It was in 90’s, aired on televison (possibly french television)- but it can be from the 80’s too (not the 70’s, I remmeber the colors of the scene well and it was not something from the 70’s).  It featured a woman in a pink ruffeld dress. The woman was sitting around a table full of people, man and woman, and was upset about something. The woman (she was blonde, with sara Fawest kind of hairstyle but short and mousy colored, maybe blonde) got up the table but she could not walk, her legs were  paralized-like. There was alot of kind of weird shots of her legs (and her foot), which were tan with white sneakers on and totally useless. someone (possibly an old lady) try to help the woman and stable her.

I cant possibly know if this scene (or entire movie) is about a disabled, blind or a mentally ill woman and this is the reason that I cant find this movie dispite my great afforts. I remmber this scene very accurate because it was poping every time I was seeing a tape of “Roobin Hood” that my Dad recorded from the T.V (someone probely change the channel by mistake in the middle). I dream about this scene alot. It was creeping out.  It became a fixation fot me and I have to see this movie! so please! help me! god bless you


thank you

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