A Jogging Woman Gets Shot With A Tranquillizer At Night

A young woman jogging at night, gets kidnapped on a car after being “darted” (shot with a tranquillizer) by a man. There is a Final Confrontation by James Horner soundtrack playing in the middle of the scene.

It’s in this scene: https://youtu.be/53jLRAJaqpA

  1. I usually find what movie I’m looking for in a week. But for this case I still haven’t found and couldn’t find what the movie was, since I saw that video years ago lol. Even though I already  have checked probably a hundred times on everywhere with the above description. I recently rewatched the movie and I’m still so curious. Thank you.

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  1. “Kolchak: The Night Stalker” (1974)?
    I can’t remember a particular episode, but this sure looks like something you would see on the show.

    1. Hi. Thanks for answering. I just googled it, and apparently there are too many seasons and episodes. Wanna check their full synopsis out one by one for now. Will get you an update if I get it. Thanks!

    2. I have checked them all. I didn’t find it. I even searched the entire series casts and uncrediteds’ names etc etc, and tried to identify the face of a cast similar with the actor behind that particular scene in the video.

      The youtuber who posted that video couldn’t be messaged and wouldn’t even answer to the question relating what movie is that video from, so it kinds of make me feel upset that he/she has intentionally been making people watching his/her video hopelessly curious. Sorry, just need to vent a lil bit.

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