A girl that gets weird implants that makes her a robot

Basically, the beginning is : A girl was chased down by a government (bad guys) and they tried to catch her, she jumped through a window and shattered it, and fell on her head and went unconscious. (I dont remember what happened here)

A group of humans find her in the middle of the desert, and they look at her eye and say (She has it! A kind of chip that makes her robotic), she doesn’t know whats going on, so then they were arguing about killing her or not, but eventually, they dont. After that, the girl enters an Underground city where every un-infected human lives. They teach her about everything and whats going on. The girl gets to work as a farmer, when the city wants to farm, they open a huge switch which opens the floor above them, to bring sunlight in. Then the bad guys’ choppers come, so they have to close it quickly bla bla bla. Don’t know what happens next. Please help!

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