A fox father? A dysfunctional family? Cheating girlfriend?

– It is an english and colored movie, shown in the Hallmark Channel (or HBO) when I was a child, that means this movie is around the 90’s or older than 2005.

– Movie setting : There was a mansion, swimming pool, green grassy field, and a somewhat forest or garden at the back of the house. I think it’s a British movie (not sure just a guess)

– There was a scene that it was a sunny day and there was like a picnic table outside the house. The people that were sitting, there was an old man, a brother and a sister talking about something important.

– A recurrence that bothers me a lot is that they keep mentioning about the children’s father and a fox.

– The falling action of the movie which I remember the most was,

The brother and his girlfriend were going abroad like China or Asia. They held a pool party at the rich brother’s house. I remember the girlfriend stepped out in this slick black car all sexy with this black gown.

There was also a scene where the sister of the brother went up sitting on a tree branch (or a treehouse) to smoke. She is able to see the whole party which is becoming wild. The brother’s best friend even fell into the pool.

Then the brother’s girlfriend started to make out with the brother’s best friend. The sister saw them and the girlfriend told her to not tell (something like that)

Another scene is that the mother and the aunt had to talk to each other. The aunt gave an envelope to the mother and the mother seems like she refused while the aunt feeling so guilty.

The next day, the girlfriend of the brother came up to him saying she was excited to leave but he choose no to therefore breaking up their relationship. (probably the sister told him)

The end scene was the brother playing in the grassy field throwing either a balloon or ball.

please help me. this movie haunts me until now.

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