A foreign film like “Misery”

I saw this on TV around 2010. Most, if not all, was in subtitles because it was in a foreign language.

Movie was about a down-on-his-luck actor who was driving from one dead end acting job to another…got into an accident…woke up in a house in the woods being taken care of by a “nice” man.

Things take a change when the “nice” man forces the injured actor to dress and act the part of his dead wife.  The new “wife” accepts the role reluctantly and is happy when his husband wants to take him to town.  The wife is sure that people in the town will help him.  But when they get to town, there are only men and no women and no one in town looks at him as if there is a problem.  Thus, the “wife” must figure out how to escape on “her” own

3 thoughts on “A foreign film like “Misery”

    1. Wow!!! It took all of 2 minutes to get the right answer here!!!! ha ha Thank you! Count this as a SOLVED mystery 🙂

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