A demon follows a man to his married friend’s apartment

Flaky friend calls a married buddy to ask if he can come over.
Guy says sure; wife protests. The couple rents the downstairs
of an old converted house.

The friend is twitchy; he furtively peeks out windows. He
ends up staying a couple of days because he’s afraid to go

Later, the couple goes out briefly. The nervous friend hears
noises upstairs and goes up to see if everything’s okay. A
spacey girl answers the door and tells him everything is fine.

Turns out nobody has lived in the upstairs flat for a long
time. The guy had murdered his wife there. (She was a ghost.)
They prove it to the friend by taking him upstairs to see an
empty apartment. They think he’s imagining things.

But then the demon-thing is running around outside the
house. The flaky friend is terrified it found him. They arm
themselves for a confrontation, which doesn’t go well…

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