A Christmas Movie and A Comedy

I have two movies to ask about.      First One: This one is a Christmas movie, I think the actor in it stars in a famous comedy,I think he’s dead in real life, he comes in a Christmas movie where he dresses up as santa, A lady wanted a Santa to be in the yard where she sells Christmas tree and she thought it was him but he wasn’t, he was a thief  on the run, the lady had a teenage daughter too, He saw the opportunity and took the job as a Santa and the children would sit on his lap and tells him what they want.                                            Second One: This one is a comedy where a fat lady is always in bed, maybe because she’s fat or sick and  a light bulb or Bell is always on the top of her bed head and she would press it and it lights up or makes a sound and the other family members in the house would come to her aid, Its from the 70s, 80s or 90s.

7 thoughts on “A Christmas Movie and A Comedy

      1. The actor in it Tony Danzo, he’s not dead, my mother told me he was dead but she was mixing him up with Robin Williams, (Mrs Doubt fire)

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