a children movie from the 1980’s about a group of teenagers who go to forest where they find a shadow…

… monster, and a light at the end.

The movie that i saw as a teen was in the end of the 80’s , it is in color, english and i saw it in TV. It is a Children adventure movie.

The things i remember are:

A child is crawling trough a creek behind his house because for his parent not to see him, he has to meet his friends, to go to he forest.

There are i think 4-6 children that go to the forest to investigate a strange shadow monster that has been haunting them.

They all live in some kind of a small town with some beautiful forest around.

The main part of the movie is filmed during night.

Maybe the monster is a dinosaur??

The end of the movie is when all of the children come to some point of the forest, where they see a bright light and go to it (i think it is the way out of the forest or some think simular).



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