A boy’s dream that was a music

So the details are very vague seeing as this was one of my childhood movies, haven’t seen it in many many years now but ill do my best to describe it.

-In English, Saw it maybe 10-16 years ago, rented from a Video City or Blockbuster in Australia, in colour.

-Was definitely some sort of musical

-Set was some weird dream like  place that was very green. Didn’t really have anything natural that I can remember.

-The story was centred around a king or at least a dictator or ruler. Towards the end he had some musical piece where he was being dressed up by a whole bunch of people for his special day.

-There was one scene where the kid falls or is taken to a dungeon or jail.

-another scene where he is in the centre of all these people dancing around him with cloths or something. Although if i remember correctly, it was almost like that was a different one of his dream.

-And thats it. Nothing more I can remember.



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