90s european drama

hello everyone! looking for a movie i’ve only seen some parts of as i was drifting off to sleep occasionally the whole time. late 90s – early 00s, most likely czech (may be polish as well), in a very dark colors.

teenage boy got into a fight with his father and run away from home. i think they lived in a small town/village and the boy escaped to a big city (or maybe even bigger european country like germany, but i’ll stick with the city). he was homeless at first, then met this middle-aged man, they became lovers and the man forced the boy into sex work. or kicked him out and the boy had no other choice left, but he definitely was a sex worker and stayed at some sort of brothel at some point. while staying at this brothel he started doing heroin and got another lover (not sure, maybe just a friend), blonde girl around his age who was also an addict. at the same time the boy’s father is looking for him, and i think the father’s storyline was the main one, not the boy’s himself, but i can’t remember anything further. also if i recall correctly the poster is in black and red and the title is this boy’s name. will greatly appreciate any help in finding this one.

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