Charmed episode name (1998 and possibly 2018)

According to the IMDb connections concerning the DuckTales 2017 episode, “GlomTales!”, the way Magica uses a Ghost Vanishing Amulet on Duckworth is a possible reference/homage/parody/spoof to a certain Charmed episode from both the 1998 and possibly 2018 one where the 3 witch sisters do the same to a ghost probably as well.

Unfortunately, IMDb has failed to mention the names of such episodes. If anyone around here is a big fan of Charmed (1998 and 2018), please let me know the name of the episode(s) as soon as possible.

I tried on Google, Wikipedia, and even the Charmed Wiki and so far, no luck.

Note: It is neither “The Power of Two” nor “Reckless Abandon” as mentioned from previous Charmed posts as either possible episodes fitting the description since neither include banishing a ghost with an amulet after I saw them for myself.

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