80’s/90’s Children’s Adventure Movie

Saw this movie at my playgroup in the early to mid 90’s. It was a children’s adventure movie akin to The Neverending Story, Bedknobs and Broomstick, etc. Could have been made in the 80’s. All I remember distinctly is an action scene where 2-3 characters, including a dwarf (not unlike Gimli from LOTR), are running down a wooded hillside possibly trying to escape a dragon. At least, I remember there’s a fire-breathing dragon in the film. Parts of the scene are shot wide from above the woods as these characters make their way down the hillside. This vague image has been burned into my memory ever since, and occasionally pops back into my head as if to taunt me like a recurring fever dream. Please help put an end to this unfounded suffering!

1 thought on “80’s/90’s Children’s Adventure Movie

  1. Sounds like the film I’ve been trying to remember for years. I recently found out it is called Dragonstrike, might be the same one.

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