Weird, short, scary, low budget, movie involving trolls I once saw on youtube


Back in perhaps 2010, I came across this short film on youtube. The story was quite weird, and I remember not understandning it. There was a mother, a child, and som kind of monster/troll. The mother was cooking something grotesque and bloody in the kitchen (I think there might have been body parts in the oven), when the troll reached in through the window and kidnapped her son to some kind of troll/monster camp. From what I can remember there was no speech, but perhaps some music. I do not think the movie was english, maybe german. Sadly, I can’t seem to remember much at all. My hopes of finding this gem are low, since I don’t remember it having alot of views. The film was in color, with low budget costumes. Somehow I came to think of the movie when I watched the famous “Don’t hug me I’m scared” video on youtube – I guess the childish, gory style could be compared to the video I’m looking for.

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