80s Sci-Fi


Been trying for sometime to track down a film I saw on TV in the UK as a child in the early/mid 1980s. It was an American film, Sci-Fi feel, set in the ‘future’. The film was in colour, pretty sure it was feature length. The main thing I remember is a key plot device that features several key member if the cast being ‘frozen’ mid-task by something or someone. They’d come to later on wondering what on earth had just passed. Maybe a mind-control type thing. Eg, one screen involved a character , at home, opening his freezer one minute, then cutting to him staring in to a freezer with the content all melted. Another scene involved a man watching a film in a controlled environment – not dissimilar to famous scenes in Parallax View or Clockwork Orange- his eye movements were being scanned and monitored and the results of exactly what part of the projected image he was looking at we’re relayed to him by a guy-with-a-clipboard type character.

Came across the film Brainfreeze a while back and thought that might have been what I was looking for. It wasn’t, but had a similar feel.

Would dearly love to see this film again. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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