B & W Movie, Young Couple, A Gangster Named Candy

So I saw this movie probably around 1979. It was a B & W movie set in the 1920’s Gangster era as can be told by the clothing and the cars.

It starts out with this young high school couple at a party and the male is getting very drunk, they both leave the party and he’s driving (no shocker there, they can’t crash unless he drives). You guessed it, they crash coming around a corner into a tree. I can’t remember if they were found, but the girl ends up at this old farmhouse and being held hostage by a gangster (although she’s not tied up, she’s being well taken care of by the gangster, but she’s a prisoner none-the-less), I believe his name was Candy. I believe her boyfriend might have been there with her at first, but I’m not sure. He does come back for her, and thats really all I can remember. Help…….

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    1. I’m trying to think of the words to give you the praise you deserve. I saw the first half of this movie when I was a child and I never saw the ending. I guess as the years have gone by my recollection was wrong on some key points especially the name (I thought it was called something like “Dead End”) but it has really driven me crazy. Every couple of years I’ve tried some websites known for identifying classic b&w movies…but without any luck. I just watched “Sanctuary” and it indeed is the movie I saw years ago and I finally got to see the ending, the mystery is over, THANK YOU. You are awesome beyond belief and with the “sad clues” I gave you, I’m not sure how you did it!!!

  1. Mr. Unknown IS amazing, No one knows who he is or where he comes from, but he swoops in to solve people’s movie conundrums, never asking for credit or a reward. He’s the Batman of movie identification. Marking this solved.

    1. I know, I really just can’t believe it…..this movie has just driven me crazy for over 30 years……I can finally let it go….Thanks Mr. Unknown, I hope you see this.

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