60s 70s or 80s Sci-Fi about astronauts lost in the desert

As a kid I remember watching a movie in the mid-80s.  I was maybe 7 or 8 at the time.  I remember quite a few scenes but can’t find the name online.

Move starts out with astronauts crashed in a desert, I think very close to the ocean.  One astronaut decides to go off to find help.  Several other astronauts stay behind.  Most of the movie is basically a survival story, though the movie is interspersed with flashbacks to their mission (one of them falls into a crater of green liquid, another has his suit punctured by sharp rocks and dies I think).  Back to surviving in the desert, the astronaut who set off by himself is close to death, and some other astronauts find him and bring him water.  I think they start to fight amongst themselves at some point — one of them is killed when one astronaut slams a ladder on the chest of another astronaut.

In the end, just one astronaut survives, and he makes it back to civilization when he finds a small village.  That’s when the credits start to roll.

Anybody know this movie?

7 thoughts on “60s 70s or 80s Sci-Fi about astronauts lost in the desert

  1. This sounds a lot like Capricorn One 1977 , The thing that is throwing me off is the crater of green liquid and the small village at the end.

    1. Right, I recently watched Capricorn One and that wasn’t it. In Capricorn One they head off in different directions, but in this movie I’m thinking of all the astronauts (more than 3 of them) are all sort of trudging through the desert together. It was my best guess for a little while though.

  2. can you elaborate on some stuff? Are they supposed to be on Mars? Do they have helmets on? Are they all men? Are there any creatures?

    1. For some reason I think it’s Jupiter but could be wrong. Maybe Mars. All men. In the flashbacks they’re in full spacesuits and helmets. In the desert they’re not in full suits, but in white suits, almost like white fighter pilot suits. I’m pretty sure there were no creatures. It seemed like an exploratory mission.

      I remember that when they’ve crashed on Earth near the ocean (or maybe landed in the ocean and drifted to shore), they’re all discussing what to do. One says he’s leaving. The others tell him he’ll run out of water. The guy who leaves goes off on his own, and he ties a white cloth around his forehead. He’s close to death when several of the other astronauts catch up with him. Two of those astronauts together are carrying a larger water jug (which I think doesn’t have a lid?). I think this groups starts to fight, one guy attacks another with a ladder and I think the attacker is killed by another guy who shoots him with a flare gun to stop the attack?

      Sorry this is so random, it’s basically just a bunch of images from almost 30 years ago, but they’re so vivid in my head.

      1. They don’t start to fight immediately, I should say. The others catch up to the guy who left and together they all set off, but conflict arises and they come unglued as a group over time, eventually leading to fights and several of them being killed. In the end, only the one survives.

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