80s-90s Snow White rendition?

I remember a movie I watched on TV (could have been a “made for TV movie”, episode or series… I want to say it was a different spin on Snow White. It was definitely a fantasy based, colored film.

scene I remember: a (dwarf) man has to hike a snowy mountain to reach a special / magical potion that he puts into a thermos.. I keep wanting to say it was Apple Cider, which makes me think it’s a Snow White tale with a spin. In my mind I think Warwick Davis, but I can’t see where he played in any 80s/early 90s Snow White remakes. (Note: this was definitely 80s or very early 90s… Like 94 would probably be tops, so it’s not the one he did in 06). I looked at the “Faerie Tale Theater” version and it doesn’t look right. Unless someone says they use apple cider in it!!!

thank you!

7 thoughts on “80s-90s Snow White rendition?

  1. Could it have been the 1997 “Snow White: A Tale of Terror” with Sigourney Weaver?

    Definitely not the Fairy Tale Theater one-that was pretty true to the original tale, with apple, glass coffin, prince’s kiss.

  2. There’s also a 1987 “Snow White” that is a musical, and from the plot summary, looks like it might be the one you want.

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