80s-90s Movie: Guy traps girl in garage…

Watched this movie around late 80s to mid 90s, on regular TV (not cable) and in color. Seems to take place in the burbs, possibly CA or AZ because of the house styles. One specific scene that sticks out to me was a girl (about high school or college age) was pulling up to her driveway and she was parking her jeep in the garage. Her ex-boyfriend was hiding in the garage and wanted to talk to her (he was abusive, I think). She tries to back the jeep out to get away but he jams the garage door with a screwdriver she starts to freak out and tries to open the garage door from inside her car. He starts to yell at her and rip the top of the jeep off. While this is all happening, someone (maybe a neighbor) notices the garage door opening and closing and they come running to help her.

I think the movie ends with a court scene where she testifies against him.

Can someone help me with this? What movie is this? It’s been driving me nuts for years and will probably continue to do so! Thanks in advance!

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