Early 2000s/1900 Film

I don’t remember much of this movie just a few random scenes here and there as I saw it when I was around 5 or so

It was colored, If I remember correctly looked like an 80s 70s possibly 90s film due to the quality. It was dubbed in Italian on a show called Italia uno so I don’t know if its actually Italian or just dubbed in Italian but is actually in English.

I also don’t know if it was a mini-series or a whole movie

But all I remember is the scene when a short brown-haired woman was sword fighting a long-haired man on the rocks of a beach, and that she won and was pointing her sword at his neck.

another scene the same man was making out with a long curly haired woman, who I’m assuming is a witch for some reason becuase after the make out session was finished, he fell into some sort of spell or a deep sleep.

There was a moment where the same woman from the sword fight went into a witches layout and it was all black with candles lighting the way.

Another scene, the same man is running towards this short haired woman but I dont think he recognized her because she is undersome sort of spell ( again not 1000% sure of all the details)

Thats all I remeber unfortunately, the only title I could remmeber was caravaggio lol but thats about the life of an artist …I dont know why its the only thing that came to my head.

Thankyou in advance and I hope to finally find this movie after so long


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