70s or 80s Film on TV about an invasion or epidemic

So – I have a memory of a couple of scenes from a film that I saw maybe 25 or 30 years ago. Scene 1: it is night time and a family (mother, father, older girl and younger boy, if I remember rightly) are running around over rough grassy ground presumably away from affected people, in general things are chaotic (abandoned vehicles etc.) and I get the feeling this is quite late in the movie and the family (but not many others) have thus far survived some kind of invasion of either an alien or biological nature. Scene2: this may have been near to the end of the movie, not sure, but the daughter is in a hospital bed in a ward with many others, in various states of affliction with whatever the invasion is, with part or all of her family around her, and then it turns out she too is affected, and the symptoms are like some kind of pale fungus over her skin as if she is transforming into something  alien, and she partly sits up and that’s about all I can remember…

It puts me in mind of “Invasion of the body snatchers” but it definitely is not that. Many searches have yielded nothing… possibly it was something other than a film… my best guess is that it was american and early or mid eighties.

Whoever solves this wins a metaphorical gold medal and a lollipop 🙂

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