70’s made for TV weekend special for teens

I don’t remember too much about this movie,  it is in English, and color. It was either an after school special or weekend special after Saturday cartoons.

It involves a young girl (12-13?) who was suspicious about some people in the town she was living in, their odd behavior, suspected that they were practicing magic or witchcraft,  etc. The one scene I do remember, is she follows her older sister (16-18), who had been “acting strangely“ to a house where she sees her sister “floating” around a room, she freaks out because she thinks she’s caught her sister practicing “witchcraft” so she confronts her sister about it, and she said that she wasn’t floating but practicing ballet with her boyfriend and he was lifting her up.

It wasn’t a very well made or acted movie, with no one famous that I can think of.

Any help? TIA

6 thoughts on “70’s made for TV weekend special for teens

    1. That ones not it, but I had forgotten about this movie! It really scarred me as a kid!
      BTW, the movie I’m searching for was cheesier, definitely more of a kids film.

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