2011-2013 Oddball colorful, offbeat deco western…?

HELP: I’m trying to remember the name of an offbeat, color indie film circa 2008-2015 (pretty sure it was 2011-2013)

Art direction-wise, it was like Commander Cody LP art come to life – the clothes and vehicles were vibrant, over-the-top cartoon versions of glitzy 1930s/40s western styles.

I think it took place in or around Hollywood – definitely a lot of desert scenes.

It was a bit like the American Astronaut in its overall tone. Other similar films that come to mind: Six-String Samurai, Forbidden Zone…

I don’t remember who was in it, who directed it, all I remember is that I streamed it around that time, likely on either Netflix or Hulu.
I’m pretty sure the title may have just been the main character’s oddball name which is making this extra difficult…
Ring any bells?

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