2 more Sailor Moon episode names

2 more Sailor Moon episode names I need to know of and that’s it for this year, at least for now.

This time, the first picture within the first link posted below represents the transformation sequence. The second one concerning city lights.

Which was(were) the first Sailor Moon episode(s) to feature each picture seen within the links posted below. Name and Season please?

How Sailor Moon’s Transformation Sequence Inspired a Generation

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  1. The transformation sequence starts in season 1, episode 1 (‘The Crybaby: Usagi’s Beautiful Transformation’).

    The city picture is harder to answer. It’s actually not one screenshot, it’s several screenshots edited together to make a longer picture. If you’re looking for the first time any similar city shot is used, it would be the same episode as the first transformation, but it’s slightly different. The exact picture you’re searching for looks like it’s made from a few screenshots from the season 1 episode ‘Sailor Venus’ Past: Minako’s Tragic Love’.

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