1980’s s sci-fi alien invasion DNA weapon movie

I saw this sci-fi movie on free-to-air New Zealand TV in the 80’s (it is NOT a NZ film). I think is was an American film. I recorded it on VHS tape. I cannot find any reference to it in IMDB or 1980’s/1970’s sci-fi lists. Definitely a B-Grade movie, probably straight to VHS.

It was definitely in color and set in the not-too distant future (for the time of the movie – made in the 80s). The star/hero is being chased by 2 cops for stealing a “computer cartridge”. He breaks into an aircraft hangar and escapes by stealing a private space craft, through the hangar doors, damaging the craft forcing it into a “5 year” I think, orbit. As the craft is leaving the atmosphere he sees giant mother ship/s approaching earth, undertaking an invasion of the earth. The ignore him as they “have a whole planet to conquer”.

During the 5 year orbit (for his ship to return to earth due to the damage sustained) he is alone, only with the onboard computer (with female voice) for company. He draws a naked women on the doors of the cockpit. During his 5 year orbit, he passes Venus. The computer suggests he look at the sunrise/sunset… he’s not interested, but the computer tells hm he will likely be the only person ever to see it now.

When he returns to Earth, he passes a defence satellite built by the aliens but staffed by humans who self destruct the satellite preventing the aliens knowing of his return. When he (crash)lands on earth a woman on horse back takes him to her camp (the whole film is in country type settings) where they discover who he is.

The cartridge he stole is the key to a genetic weapon built by humans just before the invasion that can kill anyperson or group by entering their dna code. The aliens were humanoid with faces like a cross between a pig and gorilla. They build bases which are mounds of dirt and they happen to build one directly over this secret underground dna weapon. The hero/thief then meets up with the scientist who built the weapon, who has now become a gang leader and together they work their way into where the weapon is. Once there they are faced with a problem they don’t know the genetic code of the aliens. Their solution is to kill everything not native to earth.

When the weapon is activated the pig-like aliens melt.

I have been trying to hunt this down for years… it is REALLY annoying me not knowing its name… please help 🙂

6 thoughts on “1980’s s sci-fi alien invasion DNA weapon movie

  1. Hopefully one of you will return to confirm that this is the movie and we can finally put this ‘pig alien’ thing to rest!

  2. Awesome! Thanks acidrain! I had a feeling I was gonna get a response on one of these ‘pig alien’ movies. It looked very entertaining, I just wish I could find an old vhs of this one so I can watch it in English.

  3. The US release (and the one I saw in New Zealand) had an alternative title “Battle for the lost planet” which also complicated the search! There is a version online, but it’s only in Spanish.

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