1980’s movie sci-fi / cyborg ninja

Hi all,


Bear with me on this as I may have two movies confused with one another.

I saw a sci-fi movie in the 1980’s about a man whom becomes a Cyborg in order to save his own life due to suffering a debilitating illness. They develop him as part human part machine at first, but dicover he will need to become fully ¬†mechanical leaving only his brain and neurological functions (no not Robocop).

This protagonists is a lot different because he has a samurai sword. But I also recall human like bats hanging upside down from the ceiling, with big wings. A human stumbles into one of them and the human like bat wraps his arms around him eating him in the process and turning his body into Marsh on the floor.


And unfortunately that’s all I can remember. Any ideas?


Thank you for your time.



4 thoughts on “1980’s movie sci-fi / cyborg ninja

  1. Might also be “Robot Ninja”(1989), and the second part of your description about the bat creatures wrapping their wings around people sounds like the creatures in “The Beastmaster”, also an ’80s movie.

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