Kids movie

I remember a movie as a child born in the 90s about I think 3 to 4 kids they get in a machine with an anime character and the machine takes them to some type of other planet. While traveling they being singing 26 magical letters and 26 wonder stars (can’t really rember the rest but it’s like spell anything you’re scared of or anything you like.) but any way when they get to the planet they meet a lady. She give one child a base ball cap then they sing a song. Then she gives another child a yellow zoot suit and his songs kinda goes like.. “He’s. The fellow in the yellow zoot suit , I’m the fellow in the yellow zoot suit , the fellow in the yellow zoot suit that’s meeee!!”

And the last person was a girl and she got like a feathery scarf and she begins to song…

Uggghh it’s beenbothering because I can’t remember pleassse help of you know what I’m talking about !!!

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