1970s Ghost Knight

I saw this clip of a TV show in the early 70s, I think, since I was born in 1970. It was shot on video tape and had the look of a Doctor Who episode, or Dark Shadows, but I don’t think it was Dark Shadows as I remember it was nighttime when I saw it. It was on U.S. TV but I’m not sure if it was a U.S. production because there was no dialogue. In the scene a suit of medieval armor standing in a hallway of a castle or mansion starts walking and goes down the hall and into the bedroom of a sleeping boy, picks him up and walks back down the hall. It was at this moment that an adult saw what I was watching and said something about it being inappropriate and changed the channel! I’ve been wondering what this was my entire life. I should add that it is NOT:

Sapphire & Steel

Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Episode: The Knightly Murders

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  1. Check out the 1974 version of The Canterville Ghost with David Niven and James Whitmore. I don’t know if it has that scene or not, but the production values are DS quality.
    I just looked at the beginning.just now and saw how cheap it looked. It sounds like it could be that.

    1. Oooh, this was so close! I’m sorry to say that it’s not the one, but it looks very close as far as the production values go. When I saw the suit of armor, I thought maybe this is it even though the face plate looked different(the face plate on the knight in my memory was more of the classic design, not so pointed), but when the ghost gets in the suit of armor, it simply fell over. The two boys looked of a similar age also. I’m wondering if it was another adaptation of The Canterville Ghost, or maybe it was Dark Shadows after all, because they remade several classic horror works as story lines during that series. I also thought it looked like an episode of ABC Wide World of Mystery, but I think most of those episodes are lost. Oh well, thank you very much, I feel like at least I’m getting closer to finding this.

      1. Dark Shadows reruns went into syndication after the show left ABC and could have been shown in the evenings in some markets. It didn’t last too long locally as reruns. It could have been the storyline where they were ripping off Turn of the Screw that introduced Quetin Collins as a ghost. David Selby and Kate Jackson were haunting David Collins. That very boring. I quit watching it. Then I peeked at it again and the show was again in the past with Quentin as a werewolf. Then I stuck with it. But a suit of armor in Collins Manor? How would they get that there?

        1. Dan Curtis did a TV movie of Turn of the Screw later starring Lynn Redgrave, but I don’t recall a scene like that there.

          1. I actually own the entire Dark Shadows series on DVD but have never had the time to watch the entire run. Like you, I got bored with it and can’t even remember where I left off. I would like to see Dan Curtis’ Turn of the Screw, I’ve seen his Dracula and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, both starring Jack Palance, and they were both really good.

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