1970s Horror Movie in the Country, Hippie-ish

I’m looking for the title of a low-budget 1970s horror movie. It was a title I “rented” for free via Comcast’s OnDemand service (maybe back in 2012?).

Anyway, like I said, the movie is probably from the early/mid-1970s, it’s American. In it, a couple and their male friend go to the country and are staying in an old farmhouse. At some point they meet up with a mysterious young woman. The single friend is attracted to her.

Eventually, it becomes clear that the mysterious young woman is a ghost/witch/supernatural. I remember they find an old photograph from the 1800s with her in it.

I don’t think there were any big names in it, but I think the actress who played the ghost/witch lady went on to have some success as a theater actor and character actor.


5 thoughts on “1970s Horror Movie in the Country, Hippie-ish

  1. This has got to be “Let’s Scare Jessica to Death.” I saw it as a teenager and thought it was great. I saw it again recently, and, well, it isn’t quite the classic I believed it to be, but a real slice of the 70’s for sure.

  2. This is it!! Thank you so much!! Isn’t it funny how some of those “classics” don’t really hold up? 🙂

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