10 Ft Demon Transformation Movie.

This movie is a an Asian horror movie, possibly from the 80’s and it features someone presumably a male character turning into a demon.  The demon is specifically around 10 feet tall.

11 thoughts on “10 Ft Demon Transformation Movie.

    1. I don’t think that’s it, that’s the Sorcerer and the White Snake. I think it may be something along the lines of Riki-oh or the live-action Guyver movie.

  1. “Xiao Sheng Pa Pa” (1982)?
    Known here as. “Till Death Do We Scare”.

    I remember an article on this one in Fangoria magazine in which Tom Savini recounted being hired to do make-up effects for this Hong Kong production and they showed photos of a man being transformed into a large demon.

  2. Hmm… it sounds like Monstermaster13 thinks its “Till Death Do We Scare,” not “Riki-Oh.” I wonder if he’ll clarify?

        1. I think it might be solved since I definitely think it’s the Rikki one (I couldn’t find the demon scene from Till Death Do We Scare).

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